Positive News Of 2019 Around The World


With such awful news lately, here’s some good news from around the world this past year:

~ Rwanda became the first low income country to provide universal eye care to all of its citizens

~ London fashion week will no longer use animal fur in its shows

~ Ethiopia and Eritrea made peace following a 20-year conflict

~ An international agreement banned commercial fishing in the Arctic

~ The world’s first electrified road opened in Sweden

~ Global numbers of critically endangered mountain gorillas are now above 1,000

~ 70% of the world’s population is reducing their meat consumption.

~ In the UK, half of the cheapest deals are now green tariffs

~ Pakistan’s new government pledged to plant 10bn trees over five years

~ The EU banned bee-harming insecticides

~ The Belize Great Barrier Reef was removed from the UNESCO list of threatened world heritage sites

~ Colombia created the world’s largest tropical rainforest national park

~ In Germany, share of MPs with migrant backgrounds has risen from 3% to 9% in the last two elections.

#GoodNews #WorldNews

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